Communication Barriers Within The Workplace

Throughout each day communication barriers are faced within the workplace, such barriers include; language or cultural barriers, lack of confidence, lack of vocabulary, psychological barriers and difference in opinion. Each of these barriers can be combated and significantly reduced if the time and effort is put in.

Language/cultural barriers are that of when two people with whom may have two different languages, beliefs and/or cultural differences. This could be combatted via a translator or even both people putting in the effort to understand and learn small amounts in order to be able to communicate more effectively. Doing this could bring employees within the workplace closer together, providing a more diverse environment.

Confidence is a significant key to being able to communicate efficiently and present yourself in a way that will be taken seriously. If confidence is lacked an employer may stay in the background and not voice their opinions and/or ideas. Confidence/team building courses are available in order for an individual to slowly build their confidence, giving them the voice to highlight their thoughts rather than bottling them up. Talking to others privately and gaining friendships within the workplace can also help raise confidence significantly.

Psychological barriers can consist of many different things; such as a persons past experiences, mental disorders (anxiety), vulnerability to change and again lack of confidence or self-esteem issues. Typically anyone with psychological communication barriers would be advised to speak to a counsellor or doctor regarding their situation—but often simply talking to a family member or friend can help significantly. These barriers are not rare and often people do not usually know that they suffer from such psychological barriers.

Not everyone meets eye to eye in all situations and this is where difference of opinion occurs. Time and time again throughout a persons life they will come across people with different views on certain subjects—often it is the matter of agreeing to disagree which will solve the conflict of opinion. In the workplace all opinions should be taken in to account and often employers are urged to share their highly valued thoughts and opinions.

The way a person conveys their opinions and presents themselves is highly important with in both day-to-day conversations and within the workplace. Using slang terms and jargon can confuse those you are speaking to and not effectively express what a person is trying to put across. Jargon is that of speaking essentially complete nonsense or in an ambiguous manner in which the  person who is being spoken to would not understand.  When speaking within a professional environment it is advised to use correct punctuation, use efficient vocabulary and speak at a pace and tone that can be processed with ease

In written communication various barriers can be faced such as; illegible handwriting, incorrect punctuation, lack of efficient vocabulary/grammar and jargon which can appear  within written communication also. These barriers can be reduced by  taking time on a piece of writing work, proof reading afterwards and possibly even taking further English language classes.

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